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A New Deal for New Businesses

Posted by George Freeman on 30th September at 2:34pm

Why we don't just need Governments for enterprise, but more enterprising Governments.

Speech to global launch of Entrepreneur Country (Monday 30th September)

Thank you very much. It really is a great privilege to be here today. Thank you, Julie, for the i


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Move over Big 6, we need the Big 60,000

Posted by Greg Barker on 17th September at 5:44pm

As we approach conference season, with the cost of living at the top of the political agenda and green policies under attack for their cost, energy policy is guaranteed to stay in the political spot light. Although there is a broad consenus on the measures in Co


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2020 Vision - An Agenda for Transformation (Pamphlet)

Posted by 2020 Conservatives on 7th January at 11:12am

Change, hope and optimism; these words were the clarion call of David Cameron's audacious bid for the leadership of the Conservative Party in 2005 and the essence of the modernising message that defined his early years as Party leader. We need more!

The globa


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The Growth Factory Agenda

Posted by Damian Collins on 24th May at 5:26pm

Damian Collins MP, editor of 'The Growth Factory'

'The Growth Factory' brings together new thinking on how we can rebalance the economy to provide the growth the UK needs in the 21st century. At the heart of this is a modern industrial strategy which defines


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2020 Meetings to date

Posted by 2020 Conservatives on 13th April at 9:07am

The 2020 Group meets most Monday evenings to discuss an area of policy. To date the following meetings have taken place:
18 October 2011:
Claire Perry - Women and Families

25 October 2011:
Sam Gyimah and James Morris - the Resurgence of the Conservative Pa


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Greg Barker at Torrs Hydro

Posted by Greg Barker on 12th April at 3:04pm

Greg Barker extols the virtues of community-owned small scale renewables at the Torrs Hydro project.


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